ION Shield

Provide healthy negative oxygen ions anytime, anywhere to regulate the body's ion balance.

ION Shield

Features & Benefits of IONShield

Ionizer pendant can be worn all day to help disinfect bacteria around you and provide healthy negative ION oxygen for you to breathe.

It works by using the built-in carbon brush system to release negative ions into the air. The emitted negative ions attach to air molecules and dirty particles in the air and give negative electrons.

Negative electrons repel each other and move away from the breathing range. It protects the healthy air so that it is attracted to positive electrons and large particles sink to the ground due to gravity and therefore do not enter the lungs.


The ionizer has up to 9 hours battery life before the need to recharge and is environmentally friendly, noiseless and completely portable.

$350 USD

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Provide healthy negative oxygen ions anytime, anywhere to regulate the body's ion balance. ION Shield neutralizes free radicals (ORS) to improve body system functions. While purifying the air by removing cigarette smoke, bad odor and formaldehyde.

Relaxed and less stress can keep you calm, make it easier to fall asleep. ION Shield improves bladder conditions and even give your skin a glow.

ION Shield is completely safe for human body cells absorption.

Future medicine will be
the medicine of frequencies.

~ Albert Einstein

All Prife devices come with a one year warranty.

Scientist refer to the range on the frequency scale that terahertz resides, as the terahertz “gap”, because unlike the abundance of research, and technology already using radio, microwave, and infrared waves, the frequencies in between, within the terahertz gap, have just begun to be explored. Until now, the smallest devices that could emit or detect terahertz, were the size of an airport body scanner.

Real People, Real Results.

I have been using the device on my eye lids. Today, part of the cataract in my right eye came out. So I’m waiting to see what else I’ll experience with this device.

Abram Giesbrecht

Years of shoulder discomfort when I slept, after 2 weeks using this device, the nagging is down to the point that I forget it is even there most days. This thing works.

James Raymond, NYC

I was told to use the wand on tap water, and then drink it because of stomach issues. 2 weeks of drinking and I have not had an issue in several days. That's crazy.

Mariah Johnson, Utah

If there's a way to heat the bones,
then all diseases can be treated.

~ Hippocrates